Web Design and Publishing

Would you like to have a customized website but hosting services offering customizable websites do not sufficiently live up to your expectations?

Then we’re the right provider for you! We design your website for your private usage or your company.

After the completion of the website design and the publication in the Content Management System (CMS), we will organise a short tutorial session on how to operate and expand your website. Afterwards, you will be given full control over your website.

Photography and Video Publishing

Do you need professional photos or videos to be published on your website? Or for your presentation? Or printed on paper? 

With our expertise and professional equipment, we can provide you with high-quality photos or short videos of your product.

Software Development

Do you have a fantastic idea for an App but not the knowledge to implement it yourself?

We use agile software development processes for rapid prototyping, implementation and deployment of applications for:

  • Apple platforms (iOS, iPadOS, watchOs, macOs) based on SwiftUi
  • Java applications based on Java Spring and J2EE frameworks

Educational Workshops

Is your child interested in technology?

Programming can stimulate the child’s desire and ability to combine logic and intuition. Through simple programming of various Lego Mindstorm models, children will be able to immediately express their creative thoughts and ideas according to the motto “What happens if I input xy?”

For more details – visit our page https://www.lerne-programmieren.ch